Sunday, December 27, 2015

Guild Holds Christmas Luncheon at Gasthoff ...

Saturday, December 12 was the date of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild's 2015 Christmas party.  This year the Guild met for this special event at the Gasthoff Restaurant in Montgomery, Indiana. 

The party included 14 members and four guests; members present were Noma, Janice, Leanna, Lugene, Betty Lou, Sharon, Anne, Sue, Lois, Jana, Sheila, Jan, Sug, and Judy.  Guests included Sug's daughter Cathy, and Chris Floyd with her daughter and a friend.  A wonderful buffet lunch was enjoyed at about 11:30 a.m. and following some social time the ornament exchange was held.  Below are some pictures of the special gifts members who participated received ...

Sug McClain holds the hooked stocking she made ... everyone loved this one!

Jan received this cute Santa tree ornament.

Here's another stocking ornament made from patchwork wool and stuffed with seasonal d├ęcor.

This hand-made hooking/sewing cup caddy was coveted by many.

This cute wool snowman will look great on the Christmas tree!

This crocheted necklace will "ornament" the neck of one of our Vincennes hookers.

Everyone ohhh-ed and ahhh-ed over this beautiful hand-woven miniature basket ornament.  Now we all want to learn how to make one!

Here's an adorable table top decoration made from a huge pine cone; Sheila received this one.

Judy received this needlefelted penguin from Jan.  She made 17 of these little guys as Christmas gifts this year!  Whew!
We also had time for a little show & tell.  Sue was happy to have completed her first project (pictured below) and couldn't wait to bring it to show everyone.  She'll be moving on to the next project after the first of the year.  Sue did a great job on this Patriotic Heart!

Everyone enjoyed the day and we finally started drifting away after 1:30, going our separate ways with hugs and wishes for the Merriest of Christmases and a very good 2016.  And we wish the same to you, too!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas celebration ...

Reminder to Guild members ... our Christmas party will be a luncheon at the Gasthoff in Montgomery, IN Saturday, December 12 at 11:00 a.m. local time.

Bring a healthy appetite and an ornament for the exchange if you wish to participate.

And to friends of the Guild, a very Merry Christmas and happy hooking in the new year!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Notes from the November meeting ...

The HHRHG met at the library in Washington, Indiana on November 14, 2015 with nine members present for the business meeting.

Old business included ...
  • A report from Betty Lawhead about the presentation of the check for $250 representing a grant from the Guild to the Art Department of the Robinson Illinois High School.  Betty said she enjoyed presenting the check to the instructor and some students who were especially happy to receive these extra monies.
  • Anne Horrall will reserve the meeting room previously discussed on the campus of VU for the first three weekends of May so we can lock in the space for our spring retreat.  Lois Moore reported on progress in securing an instructor.
  • Teresa Kinman presented the 2015 Raffle Rug to the winner, Jane Lacer of Boonville.  Teresa reported via email that Jane was delighted to receive the rug and said she'd hang it because she didn't want anyone walking on it!
  • The Christmas party was discussed and a reminder will be sent to members that it will be held on the regular meeting date in December, Saturday the 12th.  The place is the Gasthof Restaurant in Montgomery and the time 11 a.m. local time.  (Members are reminded to R.S.V.P. to secretary Judy Foster your intentions to attend or not.)
New business was ...
  • Guild officers were elected and the officers for 2016 will be Noma Brizius President with assistance from Leanna Reece; VP will be Janice Spaulding; Secretary will be Lois Moore with email assistance from Judy Foster; Treasurer will be Jana with Teresa Kinman's name remaining on the account and start-up assistance from her.  Everyone was well pleased with this new aspect of responsibility sharing.
  • Judy Foster gave an update on member Jan Cabel's husband's health, and the members from Evansville reported that member Mary Jane Todd is now home from rehab and feeling much better.  Good news on both fronts!
  • Judy asked for input on the continuation of an internet presence for the Guild.  It was decided after discussion that the blog would continue as is as opposed to Facebook.
  • Members -- dues of $15 are due January 1, 2016.
  • The meeting room at the library has been reserved for the first three months of 2016.
  • Members who have not attended recently will be contacted to let them know they're missed. 
  • Janice Spaulding will be the inclement weather contact person to the members who live south and west and come from the greatest distances this winter.  She will call by 7:30 a.m. the day of the meeting if it's being cancelled.
  • There was discussion about having a "how to hook" meeting in 2016.  This would be open and free to the public and serve the purpose of education about hooking, how to hook, and have a display of hooked pieces.  There was lots of good discussion about how to keep the art of rug hooking before the public as part of our mission as a non-profit to give back to the community.
Remember members -- the December 12 meeting is at the Gasthof and will be our Christmas party.  If you wish to participate in the ornament exchange, please do so. RSVP to Judy -- thanks!

Following the meeting several members stayed to visit and hook.  Here's some pictures of their work ...

Sue Kuehl was working on her patriotic heart pattern.  Looking good Sue!

Sharon Weiss is done with the central elements of her mat and just starting the background.  This will look good in her home this Fall!

Janice Spaulding was working on a snippets garland during the meeting(peeking out of the plastic bag). This is a great way to make use of those ends that a person usually throws away!

Betty Lawhead is done hooking the center elements of her chair pad and just beginning the background.  Betty says she'll be glad when this project is complete so she can start something fresh!

Judy Foster brought her recently completed Maggie Bonanomi-designed rug.  Judy's very pleased with how it turned out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Highlights of the October meeting ...

The Guild met at the Library in Washington, Indiana on October 10 in the small meeting room.  After about 45 minutes of socializing, a business meeting was called to order by Treasurer, Teresa Kinman.  There were 13 members and one guest in attendance.

In old business we discussed the school art grant and the name of this year's recipient was drawn.  Robinson Community High School, Unit #2, Robinson, Illinois is the lucky winner of the $250 grant.  Betty Lawhead and Lugene Bond will present the check.

We discussed a member retreat for 2016 and Anne, Sue and Sharon brought a great packet of information on a site we can use on campus in Vincennes.  Everyone seems well pleased with this prospective location at VU.  Lois Moore will work on securing a teacher. 

We drew the name of the raffle rug winner and it was Jane Lacer of Boonville.  Congrats Jane!  Teresa will deliver the rug to the lucky winner.
Here's the rug that Jane won!  Congratulations.
We concluded old business by discussing the bylaws in a matter regarding being a non-profit and questions were clarified.

In new business a nominating committee was set, the Christmas party was discussed (December 12), and it was decided that the treasurer's report will go out with the written minutes.  The meeting was then adjourned.

Everyone agreed that they were having such a good time -- like "old times".  Lots of hooking and sharing was happening.  Everyone pitched in to set up the room, and we talked and laughed a lot.  It was agreed Janice Spaulding's presence played a huge part in that feeling.  We had a few visitors that drifted in and out from the book sale to see what we were doing.  At the close of the meeting it was mentioned that Jan Cabel's hubby is in the rehab unit at Vincennes Hospital following a stroke.  Also, Mary Jane Todd fell and broke her leg and is at Bethel Manor in Evansville, also in rehab.  Thoughts, prayers and cards are going out to both members.

A couple of rugs were brought for show and tell ...

Judy Foster brought this rug she hooked a couple years ago to show the random hooking technique she used in this Primitive Spirits pattern.
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,"  Hooked by Teresa Kinman.
Here's a small section of the back of Teresa's rug.  See the way she's hooked "Mom", the year, and a small heart in the boughs of the tree? Teresa was working on making those markings more visible at the meeting.  Really neat idea!  This is a gift rug for her daughter and family.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reminder ...

The HHRHG will not meet for the month of September! 

Please join us on October 10 at 10:30 at the Public Library in Washington for our next meeting.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The August meeting ...

The HHRHG met for their regular meeting August 8 in the library in Washington, Indiana.  About 11:00 a.m. a business meeting was called to order with 8 members being in attendance.  Judy Foster, Secretary presided as the following items of business were discussed:

Raffle Rug:  The rug was at the meeting and it was decided to raffle it at the October meeting.  Members were urged to sell tickets as this is our only fund-raiser at present.

The 2015 Raffle Rug -- 6 chances to win $5, or $1 for one chance.  Contact a Guild member!
September Meeting:  It was decided that there will be no September meeting because of schedule conflicts with several members, especially the Woolkeepers Hook-in in Danville.  We will meet next in October.

School Art Department Grant:  After discussion it was decided that we will once again present a $250 grant to a local school for use in their art department.  Members are urged to submit the name of their local school to one of the officers or just make that school's name known at the October meeting.  We will draw the name of the lucky recipient at that time.

Bylaws Addition:  We discussed a needed addition to the bylaws and that will be discussed more in the future.

Mission and Purpose of the Guild:  Once again there was discussion of a mission or purpose for the Guild and everyone had ideas.  We need a larger quorum to make a decision on the direction of our guild and all members are urged to attend the next regular meeting and bring their ideas with them.

Jan Cabel once again brought some delicious scones and following the business meeting members stayed to hook, relax, visit, share and enjoy Jan's baking.  Four members were headed to New Harmony for Sug McClain's special 90th Birthday Celebration.  Happy Birthday Sug!

Anne has about a quarter of her geometric rug done.  I asked her to lay the other woolens in the appropriate places to give you an idea of what it will look like.  This is her first hooked piece!

Judy was just beginning the background on her lion rug.

Sharon completed the star on her pumpkin mat at the meeting and later began hooking the tendrils and the pumpkin itself.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Notes from the July meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met at the Washington, Indiana public library on July 11 for their regular meeting.  There were 11 members and one visitor in attendance.  No official business meeting was conducted, but there was informal discussion on two ongoing topics: (1) should the Guild sponsor a fiber fair again in the future, and (2) what will be the mission of the organization if a fair or some other event is no longer held.  There was a pretty good discussion on these two topics.

A hook-in was mentioned as a possible event the Guild might want to look into sponsoring and since Teresa Kinman is going to attend one in the near future, she promised to observe how the one she'll be attending is handled and bring some ideas back to the Guild.

Jan brought some delicious scones and several members enjoyed sharing project ideas and showing their work, some of which is pictured below ...
Teresa Kinman brought this scarecrow mat.  The beading against the border is a nice touch ... great background, too!
Sharon Weiss brought her completed beginner piece!  It looks fabulous Sharon, and it'll look great in your home this fall!
So, here's Sharon at work just starting her second hooked piece.  It's a great pumpkin with star, designed by Teresa Kinman of Woolen Heirlooms.
Here's another new member, Ann Horrall, just beginning a geometric piece.
Betty Lawhead has made a good start on this pillow cover.  It'll look great in her home when she's done.
Another pillow cover was being worked on by Sug McClain.  You can't beat the good ole red, white and blue!
Steve Sims was busy completing his rug punch star rug.  I think he's about ready to move on to something else now -- but he may be 'hooked' on punch!
Mary Jane Todd, Steve's mother-in-law, is also doing rug punch and here she is working on her star rug.
Here's Jan Cabel's wool applique project.  It's a block-of-the-month mystery piece and there'll be 11 pieces total when she gets done.  The five in the foreground are complete and Jan was working on embellishing the strawberry in the background at this meeting.  It's always fun to see what Jan will be working on next ...
Besides seeing what Jan's working on, it's sometimes interesting to poke around in her work basket to see what you can find.  Here's her old pin cushion made from a piece of weaving.  Love it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June meeting highlights ...

The June meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild was held at the library in Washington, Indiana on June 13.  Prior to and following the business meeting lots of time was spent visiting, hooking, and exchanging ideas.

The president called the business meeting to order about 11:15 a.m. and the first item of business was whether to continue to meet during the summer months.  Following lots of healthy discourse, the general consensus was to continue meeting this summer.  The president said that family commitments would keep her from attending the next two meetings, but it was decided that if any business needed attending to at the July or August meetings that one of the other officers could preside in her place.

In other business the purpose of the Guild was discussed -- where do we go and what will be our purpose in the future.  Will we do another fiber fair?  A hook-in?  Lots of discussion and good ideas followed.  Also, ideas for just spreading the word about our organization included sending invitations to other area groups to attend a meeting.  Members are asked to put on their thinking caps and come to the next meeting with their own ideas of how to grow the Guild.

Lou Moore will check on dates and places for another member retreat for next year and bring some of those ideas back to the group.

Dates to remember:
  • June 27, one-year anniversary open house at Woolen Heirlooms in Newburgh (come celebrate with our own Teresa Kinman)
  • July 25, Franklin Street Fiber Event in Evansville
  • August 2, Quilt Show at Spring Mill State Park near Mitchell, IN
  • September 5, 6 & 7, Fiber Arts Event also at Spring Mill
  • September 12, The Woolkeepers Hook-in (usually at Camby; this year at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds near Danville, IN)
Three new members joined the Guild at this meeting: Sharon Weiss, Sue Kuehl and Anne Horrall, all from the Vincennes area.  Welcome Sharon, Sue and Anne!

The business meeting was adjourned.  Remember, the next meeting of the HHRHG will be Saturday, July 11 at 10:30 a.m. at the public library on West Main Street in Washington, Indiana.  Visitors are always welcomed!

A special note of thanks to Teresa Kinman, Treasurer who also served as Secretary for this meeting!

Remember -- you can still buy chances to win this lovely rug from any Guild member; it will be given away this summer.

2015 HHRHG Raffle Rug

Thursday, June 4, 2015

May Member Retreat ...

In early May, twelve members of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met for a 2-day workshop in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Lori Cravens was our instructor.  Here's some pictures from that retreat ...

Lori and her sister, Lisa Bryant, who served as her clerk.  The wool that Lori brought is displayed on the table.
Lori hooked and framed this snazzy rooster.  This is the project for a class she's teaching at Sauder Village this August ...
Lori is giving Vicki some tips ... 

Lots of work going on here!  Vicki, Lori (standing), Lou (behind Lori), Jana, Leanna, Noma, Mary and Janice -- all hard at work! 
Just wanted to show some of the yummy wool Marsha was using on her project!

The May meeting was attended by only six people.  We hope to see more of you at the June meeting.  Have a wonderful summer and happy hooking!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April meeting notes ...

The Guild met at the Public Library in Washington Indiana, Saturday, April 11 with 18 members and three guests present.  After some time to socialize the president called the business meeting to order.

First item of business were a few reminders about the upcoming member retreat in Santa Claus, Indiana with Lori Cravens as the instructor.  There will be 12 members attending and Lori has had contact with almost all of them about their projects.  The retreat will start each day at 9 a.m. and we were reminded that Santa Claus is on Central Daylight Savings Time.  Lori will give tips on binding rugs during the Saturday session.  Everyone who is going is excited about this retreat!

The 2015 raffle rug has been completed and Teresa Kinman brought it (pictured below).  Guild members will sell tickets (which were provided along with pictures of the rug) for one chance for $1 or six chances for $5.  Members picked up tickets at the meeting.  The drawing will be done during the August meeting.  Everyone agreed that the rug is lovely!

The 2015 HHRHG Raffle Rug!  Contact any member for an opportunity to own this rug!

After a treasurer's report the business meeting was adjourned.  Sug McClain then taught a class to some interested members on needlepunch using floss.  It was very interesting and Sug brought a large number of examples of her finished work.  Thanks Sug!

Just some of Sug's completed needlepunch projects...

Beautiful yellow bird!

A lovely dimensional Santa! Will any of us ever get this good at needlepunch?!

While some learned, others visited and hooked and everyone enjoyed some yummy snacks brought for the occasion.  Here's some photos of members at work and some completed projects brought for show n' tell ... 

Jan Cabel is working on this Primitive Spirits design called "Monticello". Very nice!

Mary Jane Todd was working on completing several small rug punch mats. 

Steve Sims is about done with his first rug punch project.  He's enjoying it!

Teresa Kinman brought these two completed needlepunch projects.  So lovely and the binding is very interesting!

Teresa also just completed this horse with a bird perched on his back.  Her family has a real love of horses and it shows in her work ...

We all admired Marsha's new basket for her rug hooking strips.  Beautiful!  And as you can see, Marsha has her raffle tickets and picture and she's ready to go!

The next meeting of the HHRHG will be May 9, the week following the member retreat, at the Public Library in Washington at 10:30 a.m. (EDST) in the morning.  Janice Spaulding will teach a class on proddy at that meeting.  Visitors are always welcome!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Highlights of the March 2015 meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met at the Library in Washington on Saturday, March 14.  There were 16 members present and there was no official business meeting this month. 

Mary Jane Todd met with several members and conducted a class on rug yarn needle punch.  The remainder of the members gathered in a separate area and worked on their current rug hooking projects or other needlework items.

Reminder! -- At the April meeting Sug McClain will be teaching a class to Guild members on needle punch using floss.  If you wish to participate you need to bring the following items: a pattern of your choice, a punch needle for floss, and a frame.  Sug indicated that supplies can be purchased at various local stores.

Teresa Kinman took the raffle rug home to finish.  She will take a photo of the completed rug, make color copies, and distribute them with raffle tickets at the April meeting.

The library meeting room has been reserved for Guild meetings in April, May and June.

Jan Cable brought some delicious cookies to share.  Thanks Jan; you are one terrific baker!

Here's some pictures taken at the March meeting ...

Jan Cabel was working on this wool applique project ...
Also, Jan just completed this hooked Easter bunny on a stick and brought him for show n' tell ...
Chrystal Goodpaster is working on this mat from a pattern drawn by her 5-year-old neighbor ...
Teresa Kinman hooked this piece using some very interesting techniques ...
TA-DA!  Steve Sims finished his large rug!  Steve's enjoyed hooking this rug but he's ready to move on to his next project.
Susan Sims hooked this really cute cat mat and is getting ready to bind it ...
Mary Jane Todd hooked these two mats, a sheep and a rabbit, using the rug punch method she taught today!

Have a great month, and "happy hookin'" from the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild!

Notes for this month's update were provided by Marsha Mulroony.  Photos by Marsha.