Thursday, March 22, 2018

The next meeting of the Guild will be:
Saturday, April 14 at 10:00 AM
at the
Washington Public Library

Note:  lately the meetings have been alternating locations between the 
Washington Public Library and Serendipity Fibers in Huntingburg.

Meanwhile, at the March meeting, attendance was up!  Members from Tell City made the trip, and Sheila was able to attend as well.  It was good to catch up with everyone!

As usual, March has been blowing hot & cold, so Mary working on a Christmas theme pattern doesn't seem out of season!
Anticipating spring, Shirley was 'forcing some bulbs' to bloom.
Libby was questioning her sanity using small cuts when working on a yardstick cover.

Sheila was also working on flowers... can spring be far behind?
While it appears to be a pear tree, that's not a partridge on the top! 
Janice is making quick work of this project.
When we left last month, Melody was attempting her first piece, and has gotten back to working on it, getting a feel for the variety of textures & colors of wool.

In the meanwhile, she also completed her first project!

Melody's completed chicken pillow.  

Snacks, they're a good thing!  And below is the requested recipe.

Hope to see you in April!

Monday, March 5, 2018

It's the month of Lion versus Lamb!  Happy March!

The March meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Guild will be held at

Serendipity Fibers in Huntingburg
Saturday, March 10th at 11 AM (EDT)

Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, at the February meeting.....

Janice's latest work!

Janice's My Way rug...ready for finishing.

The pattern may read "Shelby's Garden" but it's really Janice's.

Taa-daa!  Sue's dog project is now a pillow!

And commentary on the dog's behavior is listed on the back.

Anne's rascally rabbit is ready for finishing!  

The dueling roosters continue to duel.  Both Sharon (L) & Sue (R) are working on their backgrounds.

After observing, and getting a few demonstrations, 
guest Melody gets her start on a beginner's project.
Welcome Melody!