Sunday, July 19, 2020

Who were those masked women?!!  Why, just a bunch of rug hookers finally getting back together to hook, and catch up!  

You too can become a masked* hooker at 
the next meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Guild....

Saturday, Aug 8th
10:30 AM
Washington Public Library

*wear your mask into the library, once you're in the meeting room, 
where we socially distance, 
 you can decide whether or not you want to continue wearing it.

While there was a lot of catching up to do at the July meeting, some hooking did occur!

Debbie shows off her completed colorful rug punch. 
Next stop, finishing!

Babe jumps into traditional rug hooking with a sampler type design, her first piece using only wool strips!

Debbie is also doing the rug hook sampler.

Thus far, Judy's work is telling the tale of a tail of a large cat.

Jane is getting mega flowery with her new project.

Anne spent her time color planning her next piece. 
(Sharon did the same, but no picture available.)

Afterwards, several of us journeyed down to Woolen Heirlooms 
to check out Teresa's new shop.  
It's a great space, with lots to see (and buy).  

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Greetings!  Hope June has been good to you and that you're ready for 4th of July!

Hold the presses!  Good news!!!

The Guild will meet 
Saturday, July 11 at 10:30 AM
Huntingburg Public Library

Be aware.... if coronavirus cases rise, the library reserves the right to cancel group meetings.  So wear your masks, 
keep your fingers crossed, and tell everyone to practice 
social distancing so that us Hookers can once 
again meet in a public place!  

No specifics on a July meeting just yet - needing to check and see if the libraries, which are at least open, are yet allowing groups to meet.  This site will be updated as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, hookers have stayed busy....

Sharon's poppies are ready to be made into a pillow.

Sue's chair pad looks doggone good & is ready for finishing.  

Judy's cat looks a trifle perturbed that it wasn't the first picture on this post! 

Debbie completed her rug punch flowers and, as evidenced by the needle in the upper right, is well on it's way to becoming a pillow.

Shirley's ready for the 4th of July with her patriotic Bird on a Stick... well, on a bobbin.  

Sheila will not be needing a compass now that her weathervane rug is complete.

Jane's flower is taking shape, notice how she uses a round frame for a round pattern!  ;)

Debbie's rug punch sheep is showing off the lovely yarn being used to create it.

Judy is taking the tiger by the tail with her next rug!  Make that two tigers...

Details of the piece.

Debbie is working on yet another item - a seashore view.

Sheila has switched to wool applique. 

Shirley's sheep seems simply splendid!
Should she sell it by the seashore?

Libby's making progress and now starting on the border of her piece.

Sharon's nautical rug that will go in her nautical bathroom.

Sue's working on another chair pad.  Hopefully she'll get plenty of the pads done so she doesn't have to get rid of any chairs!

And now for the sales portion of the blog....
Shirley is selling a Puritan frame & stand.  Both are in great shape & she'll throw the gripper guard in for free.  Please email if you're interested in purchasing or learning more about them.  Cost is $150 for the frame, $85 for the stand.