Wednesday, June 14, 2017

And also to more rug hooking as the 
Hoosier Hills Rug Guild held the 
June meeting at Serendipity Fibers in Huntingburg.

Shop owner Melissa provided a great space to work & visit

Guild members had plenty of room to ply their craft... and check out yarn!

 Janice's flower garden continues to grow... 
apparently Miracle Gro also works on wool.

 Shiela begins another project.

Shirley got a little trim off the top
as the photographer was more interested in Shirley's rug project!

 Interested in checking out the Guild?  
We 'wool-ed' love to see you at our next meeting,
and that's no yarn! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

May Day!  May Day!  First this important announcement!  The next meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Guild will be on the usual second Saturday of the month on June 10 at 10:30 but it will be held at a DIFFERENT LOCATION!

Due to the Washington Public Library needing all the meeting rooms for their summer reading program, the Guild's June meeting will be at:

                    Serendipity Fibers, 314 E. 4th Street, Huntingburg, IN.          And that's no yarn!  But there will be, as Judy says "yummy yarn".  I'm presuming she means for use with rug hooking and other crafts rather than some new diet fad (but if she goes in and asks for a menu....😏).

Now back to the regularly scheduled announcements:  The Hoosier Hills Rug Guild's May meeting was held on the 13th.  Six members were able to make it and brought a variety of projects to work on.

Judy's rooster has filled in a bit since the last meeting.  
But it needs a little more work before it can shake all its tail-feathers.

Anne's ode to veggies - a carrot!

It's not Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow, 
rather it's:
Janice, Janice, how does your flower grow!

And long those same lines:
Sharon, Sharon, how does your sunflower grow?

Judy's ready for December with her Santa chair pad.

Don't you hate it when this happens?
You're packing up everything you need for the Guild meeting, 
you have your frame, wool, tools, isn't that enough?  
Who needs their pattern?  
Not Sheila, who decided to 'air hook' for the meeting! 
(But lets be honest, usually more visiting goes on at the meetings than does rug hooking - so Sheila is just ahead of the game!)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Hope to see you in June!