Friday, November 30, 2018

The December meeting will be the Guild's annual Christmas Luncheon and gift exchange.  Members, check your email for specifics as to when & where!

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Guild will be

Saturday, January 12, 11 AM
Serendipity Fibers
Huntingburg, Indiana

Here’s what we gave thanks for at the November meeting…..
While it looks like Anne has hooked arrows to point out an X, it's really flowers in progress.

Given a choice of standing on her head to hook her piece, Melody chose to have her sheep do the headstand.
Judy getting all swirly with it!
Everyone agreed that this is a pretty cool pattern.

It was suggested that Libby end her pattern and make a 6" ruler holder rather than a yardstick holder  😀

Sue's Sock Monkey chair pad is taking shape.

Sharon's getting stripey with it - and angle-ly too.

Shiela was also getting stripey with it.

A great way to use up extra worms!

The results are pretty impressive!

And then when it was time to pack up & head home, Sheila took her rug for a ride...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Well, if you blinked you missed this year’s version of fall.  
As we gear up for Thanksgiving,  the next meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Guild will be

Saturday, November 10th, 10:30 AM
Washington Library

Here’s the scoop from the October meeting…..

While there was some rug hooking done, much time was devoted to looking through the books, magazines, and wool that, as a result of cleaning through a few things, Betty brought to distribute at the meeting.   (Every time that I pick up a new hobby I swear that I won’t let it get as stockpiled with projects as past crafts as done, but I’m sure I’m not alone thinking that’s a lost cause!) 

Got Wool?
Got magazines & pattern books?

Mel & Anne make their selections.
Kathy, Betty, Mel, Libby, & Sug

Mel's latest... not too Baaaa(d).  

Anne's moved on to flowers.

Libby continues to inch along!

Saving the best for last.... Sug's own artwork, completed & ready to go.  

 Hope to see you in November!  

Bring suggestions as to where to hold our 
Annual December Luncheon!