Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The October meeting ...

The HHRHG met in the large conference room of the Washington Public Library October 8, 2016.  There were 9 members and 1 guest present.

Some social time preceded the short business meeting.  
  • One of the topics discussed was the Christmas party.  Janice Spaulding will make a reservation for us once again this year at the Gasthof Village Inn in Montgomery.  This will take place on our regular meeting date -- the second Saturday of December. If members wish they may participate in an ornament exchange.  More details will be forthcoming at the November meeting. 
  • A nominations committee was formed and they will present a slate of officers for 2017 at that meeting as well. 
  • Both the secretary's and treasurer's report were given and approved. 
  • Judy Foster told those present that she will not be maintaining this blog after the first of 2017.  She will not take it down until the Guild decides what sort of Internet presence it wants to maintain.
  • The Evansville group will begin meeting in the near future and have a different name indicating all areas of the fiber arts. 
Everyone is looking forward to a wonderful fall season, cooler hooking weather, and a new start for the Guild in the new year of 2017.  Several stayed to hook after the business meeting was over.

Remember, visitors are always welcome at Guild meetings held the second Saturday of each month at the public library in Washington, Indiana at 10:30 a.m.  Y'all come!

There were several hooking projects brought to the meeting, both finished and in process, some are pictured below....

Sug McClain brought two recently completed rugs for show n' tell.  Love these 1776 sheep!

More of Sug's work ... I think she likes sheep!  This is a nice large rug and members really liked the wool she chose for the pasture.

Sug brought this smaller mat to the meeting to bind and she got some done that day.  She is one productive hooker!

Teresa brought along three examples of small mats done from the quilt template provided at her hook-in.  All three were made with the same template and it was interesting seeing (online) how many different patterns came from using that one template.  [Example 1].

[Example 2]

[Example 3]

"Let it Snow" by Teresa Kinman [front].

Back of "Let it Snow".

Judy Foster brought "Chicken in the Garden", a Primitive Spirits design that she recently completed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Notes from the August meeting ...

The August 13 meeting of the HHRHG was well attended.  It was held in the large conference room of the public library in Washington, Indiana with 15 members present as well as two guests. 

A business meeting was called to order at about 11 a.m. by President Noma Brizius.  The main topic was the future and direction of the Guild.  It was very satisfying to hear some of the long-time members give their opinion and tell the story of the beginning of the Guild.  In the end it was decided that some of the members from the Evansville area will organize a guild in their area and after organization the Guild will help them financially to get started.  The idea is to have one or two joint meetings each year, probably based around a social or hooking event.  This is an exciting time for the Guild and everyone went away with the realization that change is always interesting and often good!

Other items of business discussed were:
  • Teresa Kinman gave the treasurer's report.
  • We especially missed Jan Cabel, a regular, who always brings interesting work and yummy goodies to share.  She's experiencing some health issues.  A cheery card would be in order!
  • Judy Foster distributed membership cards.
  • We will meet again in October with no September meeting. 
  • Janice Spaulding reported that the local Historical Society is looking for people to demo hooking at a future event.
Pictured below are works in progress or just completed ...

Let's just say that this is the type of day we had but we still had a big turnout!  Hookers rule!

Teresa Kinman recently completed this wide cut beeskeep rug!  Lovely!

Teresa also completed this clever standing pumpkin decoration; here's the front ...

and here's the back!  Great job from either side Teresa!

Judy brought the pumpkin cat mat she just finished (bound with homespun).  It's a Margo White design.

Lois Moore is working on this sampler.  It's going to look good Lou!
Judy was working on this Primitive Spirit design at the meeting.