Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes from the February meeting ...

The February 11, 2012 meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild was opened by Vice President Sheila Parker. The first Wool Fiber Arts Fair issue addressed was aprons. Amy Best checked with End Zone and their price is $17.00 each. Members discussed having the Guild’s logo hooked or needle punched onto each apron. Sheila is going to compare pricing with another store. A motion was made that each member would pay for their own apron. The motion carried.

It was decided that Becky Aldridge and Sheila Parker would get buckets of concrete to aid in holding up the display frames that are used as booth dividers at the Fair.

Those preparing food and working the kitchen for the Fair will come the day before to prep the kitchen and dining area.

It was decided that the cost of the beginning rug hooking class would be $35.00.
It will be taught by Guild members. We will accept no more than 12 participants. There will be pictures of the project provided and the pattern will be somewhat color coded. Members are to bring lots of “worms” to the March meeting; all colors are needed. They will be sorted for kit making at that time.

The other class at the fiber fair will be making an authentic German feather wreath, taught by Joanne Hobbs. Cost of this class will be $40.00 and last approximately 3 hours. She will accept up to 16 participants. [Members discussed having her come to a Guild meeting and teach the group how to make an authentic German feather tree.]

There will be a corn husk wreath making demonstration at the Fair.
This demo will be free; the cost for bows will be $2.00-$3.00.

Vendors who have responded so far include:

Barb Elliott (recycled wool, make-do’s, etc.)
Melvina Miller, Hollyhock Hill Designs (rug hooking) (2 spaces)
Pam Kinnaman, representing Indiana Fiber Producers (spinning) (2 spaces)
Stephen Bowman, Bedford College of Lace Making
Rebecca Phillips, Turkey Trot Workshops (painted floor cloths; pennies)
Janice Spaulding, Hooked on George (rug hooking)
Larry Green, wood carver
Etienne's Farm Market (heirloom plants, herbs, strawberries, etc.)
Esther's Pressed Flowers (all things made with pressed flowers)

In other vendor business, it was agreed to send an invitation to vend to Pure Hearts and Clean Hands Soap Company, Adam and Heather McPherson, Odon, Indiana.
It was also agreed to send an invitation to vend to a button maker; samples were viewed at the meeting. More info on the button vendor will be forthcoming at the next month. Shirley Casebolt, Vendor Coordinator, will contact vendors that had not responded to date and set March 1st as a deadline to respond.

Becky Aldridge will be making labels for member’s hooked pieces that will be displayed at the Fair. Members, PLEASE have information regarding your hooked pieces to her early so she has time to make labels, and to ensure that all rugs are labeled and look consistent.

In other business, the secretary is updating the membership list.


The business meeting was adjourned and a time of hooking, sharing and fellowship was enjoyed by all present.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Notes From the January Meeting ...

The Guild met at the Library in Washington, Saturday, January 14. President Colleen called the meeting to order and the following business was discussed:

There was discussion regarding last year's fiber fair and the need for more member involvement and organization. After discussion there was a vote taken to decide if we indeed wanted to have a fiber fair again this May. The vote showed that a majority of members present wanted to continue having the fair.

Marsha presented the idea of forming committees to ensure better preparation and more member involvement in the planning of the fiber fair. This was approved. These committees will each have a coordinator and assistant(s). Committees will meet at each monthly Guild meeting after the general business meeting is concluded.

Committees for the 2012 Wool Fiber Arts Fair were formed and are listed below. Committees are not limited to these people; if you are a Guild member and not on a committee and would like to help, please contact that committee's coordinator.

Facility Coordinator: Nan Tate
Vendor Coordinator: Shirley Casebolt
Advertising Coordinator: Marsha Mulroony & J.R.
Rug Display Coordinator: Becky Aldridge, Bailee Best, Carli Best
Food Coordinator: Julia Burns
Raffle Rug Coordinator: Colleen Schmidt
Classes Coordinator: Sheila Parker
Market Place Coordinator: Mary Elder

In other business pertaining to the fiber fair:

  • Sheila is checking on a German feather wreath and a corn husk wreath as possible class projects.
  • Amy will check on aprons for all members to wear during the fair.
  • Vendor invitations have been sent. A list of potential vendors was read with everyone agreeing on the invites.
  • Janice suggested a new vendor that may help draw more men; Larry Green is a wood carver from Washington and has published two books on wood carving. He teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown N.C.. Everyone agreed that inviting Mr. Green was a good idea.
  • It was agreed to spend $95.00 for advertising the fair in the Country Register.
  • Janice presented a pattern for the beginning rug hooking class and it was approved.
  • Colleen suggested the idea of Guild members hooking a challenge rug to be displayed at the fiber fair; Rustic Rugs sent her a free pattern she thought would a good challenge rug. All approved. This pattern is available to Guild members from Colleen.

There was one guest at our meeting, Amanda, who is from the Jasper area and is interested in learning how to finish her rugs. She brought several pieces with her and she does a great job of hooking.

After the business meeting ended a social time was enjoyed by all present.