Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Highlights of the October meeting ...

The Guild met at the Library in Washington, Indiana on October 10 in the small meeting room.  After about 45 minutes of socializing, a business meeting was called to order by Treasurer, Teresa Kinman.  There were 13 members and one guest in attendance.

In old business we discussed the school art grant and the name of this year's recipient was drawn.  Robinson Community High School, Unit #2, Robinson, Illinois is the lucky winner of the $250 grant.  Betty Lawhead and Lugene Bond will present the check.

We discussed a member retreat for 2016 and Anne, Sue and Sharon brought a great packet of information on a site we can use on campus in Vincennes.  Everyone seems well pleased with this prospective location at VU.  Lois Moore will work on securing a teacher. 

We drew the name of the raffle rug winner and it was Jane Lacer of Boonville.  Congrats Jane!  Teresa will deliver the rug to the lucky winner.
Here's the rug that Jane won!  Congratulations.
We concluded old business by discussing the bylaws in a matter regarding being a non-profit and questions were clarified.

In new business a nominating committee was set, the Christmas party was discussed (December 12), and it was decided that the treasurer's report will go out with the written minutes.  The meeting was then adjourned.

Everyone agreed that they were having such a good time -- like "old times".  Lots of hooking and sharing was happening.  Everyone pitched in to set up the room, and we talked and laughed a lot.  It was agreed Janice Spaulding's presence played a huge part in that feeling.  We had a few visitors that drifted in and out from the book sale to see what we were doing.  At the close of the meeting it was mentioned that Jan Cabel's hubby is in the rehab unit at Vincennes Hospital following a stroke.  Also, Mary Jane Todd fell and broke her leg and is at Bethel Manor in Evansville, also in rehab.  Thoughts, prayers and cards are going out to both members.

A couple of rugs were brought for show and tell ...

Judy Foster brought this rug she hooked a couple years ago to show the random hooking technique she used in this Primitive Spirits pattern.
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,"  Hooked by Teresa Kinman.
Here's a small section of the back of Teresa's rug.  See the way she's hooked "Mom", the year, and a small heart in the boughs of the tree? Teresa was working on making those markings more visible at the meeting.  Really neat idea!  This is a gift rug for her daughter and family.