Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Christmas!

There were 12 members present for the Guild's annual holiday celebration held in the large conference room of the Washington (Indiana) Public Library.  At about 11:30 a.m. the group broke from socializing to hold a very brief business meeting, pertaining primarily to the spring 2015 rug hooking retreat.  

Reminder: new officers take their seats at the January 10 meeting and membership dues can be paid to our new Treasurer, Sheila Parker, at that time.

After the abbreviated meeting, members resumed their celebration with a wonderful carry-in lunch, more visiting, and topped it off with the annual Christmas ornament exchange.  Pictures are below of the wonderful hand-made beauties exchanged.   

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
from the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild!

The presents await!

Lou Moore made this Christmas stocking (stuffed with M&Ms and other goodies) that Judy Foster received.  It's hooked in a wonderful glittery white yarn, and note the prodded and hooked poinsettia decoration!
Jan Cabel made this stuffed Santa with a wonderful felted face that Steve Sims was lucky enough to receive.  Jan always does wonderful work and this jolly elf is a beauty.
Noma Brizius made these two items which Mary Jane Todd received.  The snowman on the right is a great looking lapel pin and the hooked ornament on the left has another snowman peeking out.  Great!
Jana R. made this hooked Christmas tree ornament that Betty Lawhead received.  It'll look great on Betty's tree!
Judy Foster made this Holy Family tree decoration using wool applique techniques.  Lou Moore received this ornament.
Betty Lawhead hooked this stocking that was stuffed with Christmas candies and Noma Brizius was the recipient.
Steve Sims put this lovely wool applique hanger made by Turkey Trot Workshops in the ornament exchange and Leanna Reece received it.  Lucky girl!  

Leanna Reece made this cute little snow-fellow for the ornament exchange and Jana R. was the winner.
Mary Jane Todd made this machine quilted table-topper for the exchange and Jan Cabel received it.

P.S. -- 
Outgoing President Janice Spaulding was busy the entire time working on the edge of a hooked piece of another member.  She did take a break for lunch!  Whew!  

Here's a pretty good look at how Janice finishes the edge of a hooked rug:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Notes from the November meeting ...

There were 15 members and one guest at the November meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild.  The business meeting, held in the large community room of the Carnegie Public Library, was called to order at about 11:15 a.m. following a social hour.

Janice Spaulding, President, presided as the following items were discussed:
  • Lou Moore reported on a telephone conversation she had with one of four prospective retreat leaders.  There will be a full written report on all of the people considered sent to the membership before the December meeting.
  • The Christmas party location (library) was approved by the staff at the Carnegie and the party will proceed on the regular meeting date, December 13.  Everyone should bring something yummy to eat and if they wish to participate, bring a hand made Christmas ornament for an exchange.  Marsha Mulroony will provide the paper products, Judy Foster will bring the beverages, and Janice will bring ice.
  • Leanna Reece and Lou reported on their experiences at the Rock River rug camp in Illinois.  Lou brought a piece she worked on there for show n' tell (picture below).  This was very interesting to all.
  • The slate of officers for 2015 was approved.
  • A local upcoming event near Montgomery was announced by Janice and details are in the column to your right.
With no further business, that portion of the meeting ended and members stayed to socialize and hook.  Below are some pictures taken at the meeting ... Enjoy!

Members: don't forget the Christmas Party is Saturday, December 13 at 10:30 a.m. at the Library in Washington!  Let's pray for good weather this year!

Jan Cabel was just starting the soft blue background of this darling sheep at the meeting.  Everyone loved this design that Jan drew, especially the grass hanging out of his mouth!
Chrystal Goodpaster just finished Magdalena's Dog from Wooley Fox Designs.  All that's left is the binding.  I like her color choices.

Teresa Kinman worked on this wreath for a little Christmas tree during the meeting.  It's made from her wool snippets strung with heavy-duty thread!  Such a clever idea Teresa!

Sug McClain is working on this very large farmstead rug.  The sheep lined up across the bottom are really great!  She's sewn her binding on before she began hooking and Sug's giving instructions to another hooker on how she finishes a rug.

Marsha Mulroony got her Thanksgiving rug finished and bound this past month.  Her color choices are really working in this piece.

Marsha also hooked this chair mat!  It's Jan Cabel's design called "Baa-a Humbug!"  Marsha only has to complete inserting the white roving and then bind it and it'll be done.  The jingle bells add a great holiday feel to this piece.

Steve Sims continues to make good progress on this very large autumnal piece.  He's doing a great job!  But says he'll be ready to move on to something new.

Janice Spaulding, too, is working on a very large, complex piece.  She's made great progress since the last meeting!

Mary Jane Todd is working on this rug punch long rabbit.  The rabbit's finished and she's just started the background, using a varigated wool yarn.  The piece is super soft to the touch!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Highlights of the October meeting ...

[ Be sure to check the bottom of our blog for the October recipe of the month! ]

The October meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild was held at the public library in Washington, Indiana Saturday, October 11 with seven members in attendance.  A business meeting was held, followed by time to hook, visit and share what members have been working on.

Briefly, items discussed at the meeting included:
  • It was announced that Shirley Casebolt's sister has died and appropriate cards are being sent. 
  • The Walnut Grove Festival was being held at Grousland in Vincennes on this meeting day and a couple members were there (for one, Teresa Kinman was teaching rug hooking), as well as some of the Evansville members are preparing to depart for a rug hooking class.
  • A retreat for Guild members was again discussed and it was decided that the committee (Barbara Bauman, Judy Foster & Lou Moore) should proceed to find a suitable teacher for a retreat to be held in April or May of 2015, ascertain prices and available times, and decide on a location and length of retreat.  They will report back  Four teacher names were discussed at the meeting.
  • Along the same lines, it was decided that we will have topic specific lessons at regular meetings, to include proddy and sculpting.  Janice Spaulding was asked to teach these two classes.  Other members might want to teach as well in their area of expertise.  Members are urged to submit ideas for other mini-lessons to the Guild president.
  • Barbara announced that Sue Spargo is tentatively set to teach a class on wool applique at her quilt guild in Olney, Illinois in the future.  She will let us know if members of her quilting guild do not fill the class so that HHRHG members might attend if desired.
  • The Nominating Committee announced the slate of candidates for 2015 officers and they will be voted on at the next meeting at November.
  • The Christmas party was discussed and after discussion the decision was made to hold the event at the library on our usual December meeting day and have a carry-in lunch.  A Christmas ornament exchange is optional.
  • The recipe of the month was discussed and Judy got a volunteer suggestion from Barbara (see the October recipe at bottom of this blog).
Below are pictures of a few items brought for show and tell, as well as projects in process.

The next meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild will be held Saturday, November 8 at 10:30 a.m. local time at the library in Washington Indiana.  Visitors are always welcomed! 

Marsha Mulroony was almost done with her turkey rug last Saturday!  Just a little hooking to go in the border.  Great job Marsha (as usual)!
Jan Cabel has finished this wonderful pineapple rug.  Everyone really likes the wonderful plum colored background wool she chose.  She was in the process of binding the rug when this picture was taken ...

Barbara Bauman made this bag, using rug binding tape for the handle.  Then she added the wonderful cat in witches hat in wool applique!  This is very clever!
Judy Foster just completed this Maggie Bonanomi-designed rug.  The wavy border adds a nice touch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Meeting Notes ...


Twelve members were present for the September 13 meeting, held at the public library in Washington, Indiana.

President Janice Spaulding called the meeting to order and the following items were covered:
  • The treasurer, Teresa Kinman, gave her report.  The Guild presented a $50 check to the Library as a small token of thanks for allowing us to meet at their facility.  They also awarded a $250 grant to the art department of the Families First Home Education program in Daviess County.
  • A Nominations Committee was appointed to present a slate of officers for the year 2015.  The list will be submitted next month and a vote taken in November.
  • Tying up loose ends on the Fiber Fair -- Teresa will notify the Washington Conservation Club that the Guild will not be using their building in 2015 for the Fair.  The building was reserved through 2016. 
  • The annual Guild Christmas party was discussed.  It will be held at the December meeting as usual.  An ornament exchange will take place for members interested in participating.  Reid's Deli will be contacted about catering and possibly having room at their restaurant for our group.  She'll report back at the next meeting on her progress.
  • A committee was appointed of Barbara Bauman, Judy Foster and Lois Moore to solicit ideas from members, and plan for a teacher and a Guild retreat in the near future.
Following adjournment of the business meeting, several of the members traveled to the new location of Hooked on George (rug hooking shop) in a farm house on the south side of Washington.

The next meeting of the HHRHG will be Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time.  Visitors are always welcome!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Highlights of the August meeting ...

The Guild met at the public library in Washington IN Saturday, August 9.  There were 10 members present.  An hour of socializing was enjoyed, then the business meeting was called to order by President, Janice Spaulding.

In old business the following topics were discussed:
  • The frames and associated accessories used for the fiber fair rug display were transferred to Teresa Kinman's house for storage until needed in the future.  Janice is storing the signage in her barn.
  • Several colorful copies of the Guild's informational brochure were at the meeting for pick up and two members took multiple copies to be distributed -- Jan will take some to the hook-in in Camby and Teresa took a bundle to pass out at her shop in Newburgh.
  • This blog was discussed and lots of super ideas for additions to the blog were suggested.  In the very near future a "rugs for sale" section will be included.  Also, we'll resume listing a calendar of events of fun events and places to go that might be of interest to hookers.
  • Jan Cabel won the Grand Champion ribbon at the Greene County Open Class Fair for her "Dan's Eagle" rug.  Also, Teresa won a champion ribbon at the Warrick County Fair.  Congrats Jan and Teresa!
New business:
  • Janice announced that her shop, Hooked on George, will be moving to the country on County Road 300 just south of Washington.
  • We had a treasurer's report and during discussion of financial matters decided to donate $50 to the library where we meet and $250 to a local school (name to be drawn) for their art department.  All of the bills from the fiber fair have been paid.
  • Shirley Casebolt, vendor coordinator, will send "thank you" post cards to our 2014 vendors and inform them that we have decided not to hold a Fair in 2015.
  • A 2015 raffle rug was discussed.  It was decided to proceed with the rug and places to sell chances were suggested by various members.  Teresa has the pattern and it's pictured below.  A color plan will be finalized in the very near future.
  • Judy Foster announced that the Holy Hookers will be celebrating 10 years of rug hooking in Worthington this fall.  A tentative date of November 22 has been set for a rug display and more details will be announced. 
The meeting was adjourned and members stayed to hook, visit and enjoy refreshments provided by Jan Cabel and Chrystal Goodpaster. 

Below are pictures from this meeting's show n' tell ... enjoy!

2015 RAFFLE RUG -- This is a Red Barn Rugs design called "Cottage Garden."
Janice Spaulding was working on this large McGown pattern ...

Cute little flag - Teresa Kinman.
Pumpkin - Teresa Kinman.
Wise Owl - Teresa Kinman
Little Crow Pillow - Teresa Kinman
Flower Pillow (I love the way the center pops!) - Teresa Kinman
Chrystal Goodpaster is working on this Magdalena Briner Eby "Dog" pattern.  Love it!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guild members enjoying a quiet post-Fiber Fair summer ...

Notes from the June & July meetings ...

The June meeting of the HHRHG was held at the library in Washington and 14 members were present.  Teresa Kinman, Treasurer, gave a report on the 11th annual Wool Fiber Arts Fair held in May.  Following her reports there was discussion about holding the Fair again in 2015.  Since there were only 14 members at the meeting, it was decided that an email-phone vote would be conducted about member's desires for having a Fair next year.  Teresa will send the email and make the phone calls.  [Note:  The final vote was 4 in favor of having the fair next year, 10 against, and one abstention.  Therefore the HHRHG will not hold the Wool Fiber Arts Fair in 2015.]

With no further business to discuss, the business meeting was adjourned and a social gathering followed.


In July, 10 members met at the library in Washington.  With no officers present there was no business meeting.

Member Marsha Mulroony said, "We decided that since there were no officers, we really could not do any business.  So all we did was eat cookies, hook, laugh, show what we were working on, and chat about a gazillion different things.  We got kicked out of the library ... they had to tell us twice they were closing!  It was relaxed and fun!"

It certainly sounds like an ideal, no-pressure meeting and that those not present missed a wonderful Saturday in Washington.

The August meeting of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild will be held at the public library in Washington, Indiana Saturday, August 9 at 10:30 a.m. local time. Visitors are always welcome.  Come and hook with us!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A word of thanks ...

I'm posting a note our Guild treasurer, Teresa Kinman, sent to everyone in the Guild over the weekend.  The fiber fair is over and it was a real success.  Teresa did a great job of steering us in the right direction this year.  Here's her note:

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for doing a great job at this year's fair.  The first thing I want to let you know is that although we didn't really have a fair coordinator this year, I think we pulled off a wonderful day for our vendors and patrons.  It shows what a good group we have and that you all just jumped in when needed.  Thank you all for that.  It is such a pleasure to have vendors say they love to come to our fair; that it was the best they had had, to thank us for asking them to come.  I heard so many great things not only from vendors but from our patrons that attended.  It makes two full days worth our work.

I want to thank Marsha for pulling it together and getting our signs and the key for the building to keep us on track.  To Becky for getting the rug displays up and wonderfully hung.  To Shirley for getting our vendor booths outlined and set up.  To the Evansville group for doing a great job selling raffle tickets and manning the marketplace booth and helping wherever needed.  To Julia for making sure all the vendors had water and goodies.  To Becky G. for putting the marketplace booth "together" on Friday and helping organize booths.  To Jan and Judy for doing a wonderful job demonstrating needlefelting and rug hooking; it seems there was always someone interested in that area, and also for helping set up on Friday.  To Chrystal for doing another great job greeting all our guests, Sheila for helping out  where needed and to Carley Best for taking care of the Kid's Corner.  (Judy: did you get your bracelet done?)  To Steve for helping vendors carry in on Friday and to our community service helpers-- they were a big help in set up and take down.  And to all the members that attended and brought snacks and things for the marketplace booth.  Sometimes it is the little things that you think go unnoticed that make a big difference.  It takes the whole group to pull this off and I think you did another wonderful job.

To our members who weren't there, our prayers go out to you and we hope you all are feeling better and on the mend soon.  

Thank you all again for all your hard work and dedication to the guild.

Blessings to you all,

[NOTE: Pictures from the fiber fair will be temporarily posted at the bottom of the page.  JF]

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Meeting notes ... the Fiber Fair's Coming!

The HHRHG met Saturday, May 10 at the Library in Washington, Indiana.  It was a jam-packed meeting. "Early shopping" took place of the remainder of the wool and patterns obtained from Rita Chenoweth.  There was also three bags of recycled wool available for free.

Some Guild members decide what they want at the table of patterns ...
Here's some of the wool that was for sale with lots already "taken" ...

After unpacking our hooking projects, shopping, and visiting, the business meeting was called to order and in old business the following items were discussed, all related to the Fiber Fair coming up this Saturday:
  • Noma Brizius distributed tags and numbers to members who will be selling items in the Guild marketplace booth.
  • Saltbox Primitive Woolens has cancelled as a vendor and teacher at the Fair.  On the plus side, we found that Hollyhock Hill will be here again this year, as well as Margo White Hooked Rugs.  We are so fortunate to have these two rug hooking vendors back!
  • Because of the Saltbox cancellation, the membership will take on the task of teaching the beginning rug hooking class and we have the project planned and well in hand ...
Here's the Beginning Rug Hooking class project, sample hooked by Teresa Kinman.
  • Other items of old business involved the raffle rug permit (in order), best of show voting for our rug display (planned), the label for the raffle rug (in place), lunch vendor (confirmed), Kid's Corner (on target) and as usual, Jan Cabel will demonstrate needlefelting ...
    Here's a sample of Jan's work; everyone loved the little bunny sleeping on a leaf (upper left).  And the alligator is adorable Jan!

    Jan will have this sheep for sale at her demonstration table ...
  • A community corrections person will help with set up on Friday and take down Saturday.  Everything else appears to be going smoothly and we're as ready as we can be.
The business meeting was adjourned and most members stayed to finish shopping, visit and hook.  

ANNOUNCEMENT: Teresa Kinman is opening a rug hooking shop at her home called Woolen Heirlooms.  Everyone wished her well in this exciting new endeavor!  Her phone number is in the column on the right.


Here's some more pictures from the meeting of what members were working on ...
Sheila Parker is hooking this two-color sampler-style rug.  Very impressive!

Becky Aldridge is in the process of binding this hospitable pineapple rug.  (Hope she brings it to the rug show!)

Another of Becky's rugs ... she's working on a unique style of finish for the edges.  We can't wait to see the finished product!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Notes from the April meeting ...

The April gathering of the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild was held at the public library in Washington, Indiana.  An informal time to socialize preceded the business meeting, which was called to order at about 11:15 a.m. by President Janice Spaulding.

In old business:
  • Judy Foster will obtain the remainder of rug hooking patterns and wool from our generous benefactor in Indianapolis within the week. This will be sold and distributed at a future meeting.
  • Pertaining to Fiber Fair business, we discussed the area of distribution of ads.  Also it was reported that Chrystal Goodpaster has mailed over 200 of the postcard ads to prior attendees.  The event insurance policy was at the meeting for anyone to peruse.  We were reminded that we need to display our permit for the rug raffle the day of the Fair.  Sheila Parker has obtained a nice label to be affixed to the back of the raffle rug (thanks Sheila!).  Olde Glory Rugs has withdrawn as a vendor and we are now in search of a replacement.  We planned refreshments for vendors and members.  Noma Brizius is in charge of the Guild Marketplace booth and will distribute tags & stickers to members at the May meeting. Teresa Kinman urged members to contact their local community calendars via any form of media as a way to advertise the Fair.  Jan Cabel reported that they're ready to go with the Kid's Corner projects.  The pattern that we're giving away at the door was being worked on by Teresa and it looks great; it will also be used as a coloring page in the Kid's Corner.
On a more personal note, Janice told us that Barbara Bauman is ill, and lots of positive thoughts and prayers are going out to her.

After the meeting closed we stayed almost until Library closing time, hooking and visiting.

The importance of the May 10 meeting cannot be stressed enough and it is hope we'll have lots of members present for that meeting.  Below are some pictures taken at the meeting, showing what we've been working on.

Here's the sample Teresa Kinman is hooking of the pattern we'll be giving away at the door.  It will also be a coloring page for the Kid's Corner.  Sweet!
Becky Aldridge brought this grouping.  The giant carrot is wrapped with a wide strip of a lovely orange plaid wool; the eggs are wrapped in #8 cut wool strips in an assortment of Easter Egg colors, and the hooked heart is precious, too!  Great work Becky!

This sheep mat was hooked by Teresa Kinman.  Everyone especially loved the "candy mint" he's standing on and were thinking of other projects they might do using this swirly style!
Teresa also hooked this beautiful turkey rug with a chunky braided border.  (She's getting ready for the fiber fair rug display!)

Sug McClain was in the process of binding this large rug at the meeting.  Here's a close up of a portion of this beautiful rug with a country theme featuring sheep.
"Family Tree" is the name of this rug that Janice Spaulding is working on.  She has the main body of the rug hooked and is working on the border section.  It will be just lovely when she's finished! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Meeting Highlights ...

March 8 was the date of the most recent Guild meeting, held at the public library in Washington, Indiana.  There were 25 members in attendance.  The business meeting was preceded by visiting, sharing what members were working on, and just a good time to socialize.

At about 11 a.m. Janice Spaulding, President called the business meeting to order and began by asking for old business.  Most of this was pertaining to the Wool Fiber Arts Fair.
  • Shirley Casebolt, Vendor Coordinator, reported that we have 18 confirmed vendors and are full.
  • Teresa Kinman, Treasurer, reported on progress of collecting 2014 dues.  She also confirmed with our food vendor for the fair that he is coming.  Teresa brought the completed raffle rug to show everyone as well as the Country Registers, post card ads, and 8x10 flyers for the Fair.  Members were urged to take these ads to distribute in their area.  Raffle rug tickets were there for pick up also.
  • Janice has obtained the event insurance for the Fair and will have the actual policy in hand next week.
  • Chrystal Goodpaster will mail the post card ads to visitors who signed up to receive prior notification of the Fair.  Shirley will send packs of the post card ads to vendors for distribution by them.
  • A thank you card to Cheryl Atkinson of Atkinson Farm Yarns was passed around for member signatures; Cheryl provided the yarn for binding the raffle rug free of charge.  A thank you to the Guild from Cathy Stephan of Red Barn Rugs was read; Cathy led the February member retreat in Santa Claus.  We sent a thank you to her as well.  Everyone who attended the retreat was enthusiastic about their experience and reinvigorated by the event.
  • Judy Foster passed around the copy for the new Guild informational piece and will have it printed on bright pink card stock for use at the Fair and beyond.
  • Jan Cabel displayed some examples of the crafts they will be teaching for the Kid's Corner at the Fair.  Their area is well in hand.  The free pattern (pictured below) which will be distributed at the door will also be used in the Kid's Corner for coloring.

Free pattern for give away at the fair and for use in the Kid's Corner for coloring ...
Kid's Corner craft projects.
Before the business meeting was adjourned, Janice used two of the patterns on the sales table as examples of what a Cheticamp rug pattern and a typical McGown rug pattern were like and described how they were usually hooked.  Very interesting!  After this the business meeting was adjourned.

The members were then free to shop!  A table of free items was available including Rug Hooking and ATHA magazines, McGown printed material, hooking burlap, several small rug hooking kits, wool strips, and other miscellaneous items.  On the sales tables, items included three cutters, three frames (one with a stand), lots of wool, more than 15 books, hooks, patterns, etc.  All of the sale items were sold to the Guild at considerably reduced prices by Rita Chenoweth of Indianapolis.  Rita taught rug hooking for over 25 years in the Indy area and has given up teaching.  She contacted the Guild through this blog.  Judy Foster picked up the items at Rita's home and arranged the distribution at this meeting (pictures below).  Rita's desire was that beginners have first chance at the basic rug hooking equipment and that was fairly accomplished.  Many thanks from the Guild to Rita!

The items on this table were for sale at greatly reduced prices compared to what one would pay for new items today.  Besides over 15 books on rug hooking, there were five bundles of dyed wool, new as-is wool by the yard, 40 graduated swatches, three cutters and countless cutter heads, three frames (including a Puritan with a floor stand), assorted hooks and rug hooking accessories, and more than 15 patterns on burlap.  Members were happy, overwhelmed and very appreciative of what Rita did for us!

Rita gave HHRHG all of the things on the table in the foreground!  What a blessing, especially for beginning hookers who are thirsty for ideas!

After this fun event, everyone settled down to hook and do some more visiting.  Lots of Red Barn Rugs patterns were being worked on!  Pictures follow ... it was a great meeting!

Barbara Bauman is working on these two wool applique pieces.  She'll use the green yarn, upper right, for the willow tree leaves, trunk showing just below ...

Jan Cabel brought these two wise owls to show us.  She plans on doing penguins next ...
One of the Evansville hookers made these pins; let's hope some of these will be for sale in the Guild Marketplace booth at the Fair ...
Teresa Kinman is working on this turkey rug.  It'll look great in her home this fall!
Betty Lawhead was hard at work on the Red Barn Rugs piece she started at the retreat.
Steve Sims is working on this large, lovely floral.

Mary Elder started this Red Barn Rugs pattern at the winter retreat.  Love the color choices she is using on the pineapple as the focal point!

This Red Barn Rugs urn pattern was being hooked by Sheila Parker.  Sheila's got a lot done on this piece in the short time since the retreat!
We'll close this month's blog with Sug McClain's Easter bunny ... can spring be far behind?