Monday, November 11, 2013

Notes from the November meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild held their regular monthly meeting Saturday, November 9 at the public library in Washington, Indiana.  Eleven members and one special guest were present -- we were pleased to welcome Sheila Parker back.  Lots of visiting, sharing projects, eating yummy brownies provided by Jan Cabel, and catching up with our visitor proceeded the business meeting.

President Janice Spaulding did call the meeting to order and we covered several topics of old business including:
  • The search to fill our slate of officers for 2014 -- The nominating committee will present a slate of officers at the December meeting and a vote will be taken at that time.
  • It was decided to fully utilize the committee system of handling each area of the Fiber Fair without an overall Chair having to do most of the work, and using the Guild President as the coordinator instead of the VP as in the past.  (The bylaws will need revision.)  A motion was made and seconded to do so and have the President name committee chairs at the January meeting with each chair then drafting members to help them in their particular area.
  • Janice reminded us that things are progressing behind the scenes as we approach the next Fair.  For instance the food vendor has committed, ideas for various projects for the Kid's Corner were presented, the raffle rug is in progress (Teresa Kinman is working on it now), vendor letters will be mailed before the end of the year by Shirley Casebolt, and we have secured Couch's Workshop to give a beginning weaving class just to name a few. 
  • Barbara Elliott gave us laminated cards provided by the American Wool Council with how-to tips to give to visitors at the 2014 Fair.
  • Lois Moore reminded us of next month's Christmas part.  It will be Saturday December 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Sweet Stuff Bakery & Cafe at Pride's Creek Golf Course outside Petersburg.  Members can bring an ornament if they wish to participate in an exchange.
New Business:
  • Judy mentioned problems with Google Blogger program and she's attempting to keep our web page updated and looking good.
  • Lois gave some details of the Rock River Rug Camp for 2014.  She and some of the Evansville Mall Hookers may attend and she has all of the details.
 The business meeting was adjourned and we stayed until after 1:30, hooking and visiting.  Here's what some of us were working on ...
Judy Foster just finished this Margo White design called "Mother Cat with Lost Kittens".  She still has to bind ...

This rug featuring the ship "America" was being bound at the meeting by Sheila Parker.  Everyone loved the red check wool used for the lettering ...

Lois Moore was embroidering this red work Christmas piece.

Mary Jane Todd was working on a needle punch design.

Chrystal Goodpaster is progressing on her sheep and shepherd project.  All the sheep and the stars are done.  She'll be using some dark navy wools for her nighttime sky.

Sug McClain was hooking the background on her Christmas Goose rug.  A beautiful blue stripe was chosen as the background wool.

Jan Cabel has made 20 of these large ornaments -- she'll be adding a hanger and bells at the tips of the star.  She drew the faces on floor cloth fabric left over from another project.  (Everyone was trying to figure out how to get invited to that Christmas party!)

Jan Cabel brought this adorable Santa purse for show n' tell.  It's hooked and needle felted.  Oh, Jan!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Highlights of the October meeting ...

     The HHRHG met Saturday, October 12 at the Carnegie Public Library in Washington for their regular meeting.  Eleven members were present.  After some time visiting and sharing ideas, the business meeting was called to order at about 11:15 a.m. with President Janice Spaulding presiding.
     Janice began by showing two hula hoop mats that Amy Best made as ideas for the Kid's Corner at next year's 2014 Wool Fiber Arts Fair.  One was small and one larger; pictures and details below ...
The larger one, made of wool strips about 1" wide, is just about standard hula hoop size.  It would make a good size rug for the floor. 
The smaller one, made of recycled t-shirts, was woven to the size desired, somewhat smaller than the red one above.  This might be good for the child's dresser top ...

     Several members mentioned ideas for other quick, easy kid's fiber crafts that we might offer as well for a make it - take it class for children next year.
     Shirley Casebolt reported that nine members have signed up for the February 2-day member hooking retreat at the Santa Claus Inn in southwest Indiana.  Cost and time specifics were reiterated.  Meals were also discussed.  Everyone is looking forward to this winter retreat!  The Guild has some plain tote bags and Shirley thinks we could put our logo on them somehow and they'd be nice take-aways for members who attend.
     Also on the agenda were a couple items pertaining to the Fiber Fair including the two classes usually offered (rug hooking and something else).  A decision was made on the 'something else ' class, and details will be finalized with the teacher this month and be announced here in the future.  A couple of other Fair areas were discussed and decisions made.
     It was time to think about 2014 Guild officers and three of the four offices will probably be maintained as they are.  One office will be open and two members were appointed by the President to find a possible replacement.  
     Any last minute details of the Christmas party will be completed at the November meeting.   The party will be at Sweet Stuff in Petersburg, IN and members can bring a handmade ornament for an exchange if they desire.  Everyone looks forward to this annual event.
     There were some works in progress and some completed projects and pictures are below.  The next meeting will be the second Saturday in November.  Remember, if you live in the area, or are passing through, visitors are always welcome!  Contact information is in the right hand column.

Till next time, happy hooking! -- JF

Jan Cabel made this adorable hooked squirrel with a needle felted acorn!  He's about 10" tall and has a weighted bottom so he stays seated very well, thank you!
Jan also needle felted this white squirrel especially for another member who lives in Olney, IL (home of the famous white squirrels).  It's holding an acorn, too.

Here's Betty Lawhead working on a winter scene.  I love the barn reds!
Judy Foster just finished this Juju Vail design called "The Flying Gardener."  She's been working on it for some time and glad it's done!  These bright colors were sort of out of her comfort zone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Highlights of the September meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking guild met at the Carnegie Public Library in Washington, Indiana for their regular meeting September 14.  About 10:30 a.m. members began enjoying a social hour before the business meeting began with lots of sharing of current hooking projects and ideas, newly dyed wool, distribution of recycled wool gifted to members by Sug, yummy homemade goodies brought by three members, and just catching up on the latest happenings in their lives.

About noon, President Janice Spaulding opened the business meeting by wishing Marsha a happy birthday.  VP Jana led discussion regarding just a few items pertaining to the 2014 Fiber Fair including the building rental, business card size ads now available for members to distribute this fall, and a brain storming session on outside activities that could be added next year.

A decision was made to have the Christmas party at Sweet Stuff near Petersburg on December 14 with Lois, Leanna and Noma organizing the event.  A Christmas ornament exchange will take place for those who wish to participate.

Also in old business, a lengthy discussion took place about future member hooking retreats with a decision to have Cathy Stephan of Red Barn Rugs of Hamburg, Wisconsin teach a one- or two-day class next February.  Teresa Kinman and Shirley Casebolt are heading this important event.  All of the particulars regarding fees and expenses were covered.  Treasurer Teresa also gave the financial report and as well as informing the members that the $250 art education grant has been awarded and $50 was given to the library where the Guild meets.

Judy Foster volunteered to organize a white elephant exchange at a future meeting so that members can swap one unfinished project for another!

The business meeting was adjourned with a reminder that we'll meet again, same time, same place, in October.  More social time followed and everyone stayed longer to hook and visit.  Below are some photos taken at the meeting ...

Lois was working on this "Poppies" rug that Carol Kassera helped her color plan.
Jennifer was hooking the final row of the border on her beginning mat, "Two Little Stars".  We're all glad she has joined the Guild!
Marsha is well along on this rug for her grandson -- "Emerson's birthday snake of many colors".  The year 2013 is in the bottom right corner in red (the year of the snake ...).
"The 12 Snowmen of Christmas - June" is the title of this Buttermilk Basin design that Leanna was hooking.
Teresa is well into "Lancaster Four Square" rug now.  What a beauty!
RAFFLE RUG PATTERN ---  P is for Primitive designed this rug called "Barn Floor Floral".  This will be the Raffle Rug for the 2014 Wool Fiber Arts Fair.  The wool is pictured below and are most of the same wools featured in Teresa's rug above (see the basket square especially for a good idea of what this rug will look like.)  We will post pictures of the rug, in progress, in the right hand column in the near future.

We hope you enjoy our blog and if you have any questions about this post or our guild, please email us at the address in the information section at the right.

Happy Hooking!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Highlights of the August meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met for their regular meeting August 10, 2013.  There were 10 members and one guest present, Jennifer G. from Bloomfield.  Jennifer took the Beginning Rug Hooking class at the 2013 Fiber Fair and we were pleased to have her at the meeting.

President Janice Spaulding called the business meeting to order and it began with old business.  Items discussed included:
  • In regard to the 2013 Fiber Fair, Jana R. led the discussion.  We were reminded that the Conservation Club building was reserved for 5 years last year, so that is taken care of.  Jana also thought we should have an official name for our children's area that at the Fair next year and "Kid's Corner" was chosen.  The business card size ads for the 2014 Fair are being taken care of by Jana & Mary Jane and will be available for distribution beginning early in September.  Each member who is in charge of a Fair area, such as rug display, guild marketplace, etc., was reminded to compile documentation about your area to be shared in a common notebook.  [The 2014 vendor registration letter and form was finalized at an executive meeting after the business meeting was adjourned.]
  • Judy Foster told the members that she came across a folder with pictures of our first Fiber Fair and passed them around.  She also found all of the old newsletters and minutes from every year since the Guild was founded except 2011 and 2012.  She will keep them for the Guild archives.
Janice then opened the floor for new business and Teresa Kinman held the drawing for our $250 grant to a local school for their art department.  The lucky school drawn was Fairlawn Elementary in Evansville.  Teresa will get a picture of the check presentation, and Judy will send it with a press release to newspapers in Evansville and Washington.

Teachers for proposed future hooking retreats were discussed and will be followed up on.  We still plan on a winter retreat in Santa Claus, Indiana and a member retreat right here in Washington in late 2014.  Lisanne Miller of P is for Primitive will be contacted for the 2014 member retreat.

Following adjournment, members stayed for social time -- hooking, visiting, and enjoying two plates of treats brought by Teresa and Jan Cabel.  Thank you Jan & Teresa!  Below are some pictures taken that day ...
Teresa Kinman brought this completed project, a "Silver Bells" pillow with (literally) silver bells attached to each corner.  Really lovely!

Jan Cabel is working on this Primitive Spirit rug featuring hummingbirds.

Chrystal Goodpaster was binding her wonderful Polly Minick monochromatic American Flag beauty of a rug!  She looks pensive ....

Our guest Jennifer shown working on her beginning piece ...

Teresa Kinman is hooking the first of four motifs on this sampler rug.

Shirley Casebolt decided to make her pumpkin blue in this wonderful autumn rug.  Her wool stash (below) has to be part of her inspiration.

Janice Spaulding has completed hooking this rug, her "My Way" design with autumn leaves scattered about.  Another winner Janice!

Using some of the same wools from the rug above, Janice is making this simple hit n' miss rug.  She will finish with a narrow dark border.  Everyone loved this rug!

     The next Guild meeting will be Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. (local time) at the Washington Public Library in Washington, Indiana.  Guests are always welcome!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Highlights of our July meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met in Washington at the library Saturday, July 13.  There were 14 members and two guests present.  Jana, VP, called the business meeting to order.

The financial report was distributed to all members and was discussed in detail.  Everyone was satisfied that we met our goal of just about breaking even financially -- we are a non-profit.  

Along those same lines, the Guild decided to donate to the Washington Public Library in thanks for the continuing use of their public meeting room.  In the past the Guild has given books or rug hooking magazine subscriptions, but this year decided on a monetary amount designated to the cultural arts area.  It was also decided to give a generous gift to a local public school designated for their arts department.  Names of member's local schools will be gathered and a drawing will be done at a future meeting, with the money being given at the beginning of this fall's classes.  Members homes are scattered over the southwest Indiana and southeast Illinois areas so it will be interesting to see which school the first donation goes to.

The Fiber Fair was discussed, especially the advertising aspects, since that is the largest Fair budget item.  New, creative ideas will be needed to possibly cut back on money spent on advertising while at the same time reaching a larger audience.  Right now it was decided to have 1,000 business-card-size ads printed and have available for events happening late this summer, and this fall and winter.  

The Fiber Fair vendor registration form and letter was also discussed; hopefully this will go out in October with a February 1, 2014 deadline.  Jana and Shirley Casebolt, vendor coordinator, will work together on this important project.  

Also in regard to the Fair, a children's class area was discussed with lots of interesting ideas for kids suggested including weaving a hula hoop rug, hand sewing with wool, rug hooking with interesting fabrics, and needle felting.  This will be offered free of charge so Mom's can go shop while their kids have some fun.

On a lighter note, the members were already thinking "Christmas Party" and the time and place for that important social event will be set soon.  Two locations are under serious consideration and decisions will be made, probably at the next meeting!

After the business meeting adjourned members enjoyed a lengthy social time with members hooking, binding, doing wool applique, or just enjoying visiting.  Chrystal Goodpaster provided some yummy pineapple quick bread as refreshment.  Thanks Chrystal!
Sug McClain brought this cute bird house to show us ...

Next meeting will be August 10 -- visitors always welcome!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Notes from the June meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met June 8 at the public library in Washington.  There were 12 members present for our annual meeting to critique the Fiber Fair.  

The business meeting was opened by President Janice Spaulding the we started with old business -- reports and feedback from the 2013 Fair.  VP Jana led the discussion.

Reports were given on various aspects of the event including attendance, finance, advertising, vendors, food service, insurance, raffle rug, classes, and general feedback from members and vendors.  The importance of communication among committees and leadership was stressed.

The bottom-line question was, does the Guild want to continue to hold this labor-intensive event another year.  We just celebrated our 10th year of "doing" the Fair a month ago.  After much discussion and input from everyone who wished to comment, a vote was taken and it was decided to continue holding the Fair.  The date of next year's Wool Fiber Arts Fair will be May 17, 2014. 

Some general recommendations and decisions that were approved included:
  • A Master Book of committee work and Fair information will be maintained.  Members are reminded to bring their info to the next meeting.
  • The hours of the Fair will be shortened; new hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • The Country Register ad will run in only one edition and not two.
  • Advance advertisement for the 2014 event will be prepared in time for the Camby Hook-in later this summer.
  • The 2014 Raffle Rug pattern was introduced and approved with the committee for that being Teresa Kinman and Janice Spaulding.
  • In 2014 the Guild will provide drinks and homemade desserts for members and vendors only.  We will not sell water and soft drinks as we did this year.
  • Marsha will send a written invitation to the Hots & Brats (lunch vendor) and see if he's interested in being our food vendor again next year.  Everyone was well pleased with his lunch offerings.
  • Shirley Casebolt will contact new possible vendors for next year to fill in where needed.  It was decided that in case of cancellation, vendor fees will be refunded up to 60 days in advance of the event.  This information will be included in their registration letter as well as a reminder that they are responsible for their own liability insurance.
Marsha Mulroony wrote a letter of commendation for the young man who helped with the set up and clean up to the local CC Program.  His help was invaluable.

In new business, Betty Lawhead announced that the Old National Road / U.S. 40 Celebration was going on that weekend and she had rugs on display at the Community Building in Martinsville, Illinois.    

All in all it was a great meeting, packed with important information and decisions.  Everyone's excited about a little down time, time to just hook and relax.  We wish you all a wonderful summer!

Member reminder -- the next meeting (July) will be in the small meeting room of the library.  See you then!  Visitors always welcome!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another Fiber Fair under our belts ...

The 10th annual Wool Fiber Arts Fair is history.  The Guild hopes everyone had their expectations met.  Lots of people came through the building and enjoyed shopping, looking at hooked rugs, touching all manner of fiber, watching demonstrations, and some even took a class and learned something new.

If you weren't able to attend, here are a few pictures showing what you missed.  Enjoy!

DEMONSTRATIONS (Sunflower Broom Shop) ...

TOUCHING THE FIBER (Moore Alpacas) ...
TAKING A CLASS (Steve learning how to braid.) ...
ONE OF THE BOOTHS (Turkey Trot Workshops) ...
SPECIAL ENTRY -- FIRST HOOKED PIECE DONE BY OUR JUNIOR MEMBER, CHLOE    (Entitled "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus") ...

We hope you enjoyed this brief picture tour of the Fair.  If you were present for our 10th anniversary, thanks for coming.  We hope you enjoyed your day.  And we always welcome feedback!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prepping for the Fiber Fair!

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild had their regular meeting May 8 with 14 members in attendance.  Steve, a guest last month, decided to join.  Welcome Steve!  We're all looking forward to seeing some of his work; he had a large rug in progress at the meeting.

President Janice Spaulding called the business meeting to order and turned the meeting over to VP Jana who led the discussion on last-minute Fair topics including:
  • All vendor booth spaces are full.  Liability insurance was strongly suggested this year for our vendors.
  • By law we must have an emergency plan and an exit strategy so that was discussed.  Janice said that she believes that the Conservation Club already has an exit strategy posted.
  • Copies of the new edition of the Country Register, with our Fair ad, was available for members to take away.
  • Even though class registration is low at this point it was decided to have the 12 kits for each class ready to go.  Last minute registrations are common.  The guild will keep any unused braid aids from that class as their property in hopes of having another class for ourselves.
  • Details for greeters and the information table were firmed up.  Ten members have signed up to sell items at the Guild Marketplace booth.
  • Janice was finishing binding the raffle rug at the meeting.  It is gorgeous!  Everyone wants to win it themselves!  Sheila Parker sent the label that will go on the raffle rug and a thank you will be sent to her by the Secretary.
  • Labels for the hooked rug display are being hand written this year and members can either write their own or provide the information to Teresa Kinman and her daughter-in-law will write them for you.  The display pieces for the rug show are in President Janice's possession and will be transported to the Conservation Club Friday by her.
  • Shirley was not present but called to report that she has contacted all vendors and they all say they are coming; she has fill-in vendors in mind if needed; she will bring the flowers to hold down our sheep welcome sign; she also purchased and will bring the braid lacing for that class.  
  • A food truck will be at the Fair, Hots & Brats from the Evansville area.  They are self-contained, needing no electrical or water, and feature fast food from a healthy perspective.  The Guild will still sell water and soda.
  • Judy Foster sent information packets about the Fair and the Daviess County area to about 10 hooking groups in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.
  • The guild information handout was there to take and share with interested prospective members.  These will be at the information table at the Fair and also put into each class kit.  Several groups, events, and/or shop brochures have been sent or given to members to put on the information table.
  • The community corrections people will be there to assist with setup/cleanup Friday morning and tear down/cleanup Saturday after the event.  Members should be there to help set up between 8 and 9 a.m. Friday.  On Saturday members should be there about 8:15 a.m.
The business meeting was adjourned.  Janice showed several interested members how to do a herringbone stitch when finishing the edge of a hooked rug.  

Lugene Bond was working on her 10-Year Sheep hooked rug.

Barbara Bauman is a quilter, too.  Here she has added wool elements to a traditional quilted wall hanging.  (Closeup of a small section of the piece.)

Betty Lawhead is almost done with this lovely rug in a leaf design ...

Marsha Mulroony recently visited family in the Bentonville, Arkansas area and brought back brochures to share from two wool sellers in that area.  Road trip!

Member Reminder -- If you have your HH apron, you might want to wear it at the Fair.  Also, remember to wear your name tag.  Thanks!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Notes from the April meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met at the public library in Washington, Indiana April 13.  The business meeting was called to order by President Janice Spaulding and we recorded 14 members and one guest present.  Janice turned the meeting over to the VP who led the discussion on progress as we work toward holding the fiber fair.
  • The treasurer presented the financial report and commented on her areas of responsibility including a) getting change for the Guild marketplace booth, b) all vendor registration fees have been received and deposited, and (c labels for the Guild rug display will be hand-written this year.
  • The vendor liability insurance issue was discussed.
  • There are three people registered for classes.  Judy Foster gave an update on her progress with the beginning rug hooking kits and Barbara Bauman brought equipment to work on the rug braiding kits at the meeting.  Some members donated coat-weight wool as well as a friend of the Guild.  
  • In a miscellaneous areas, Janice reassured members that paper products are provided by the Conservation Club and we will not have to buy that, in the area of advertising we will again depend on Nan to procure the balloons used on the day of the show to mark the way for our visitors, and Shirley Casebolt will bring two potted plants to anchor our sheep "welcome" sign..
  • The raffle rug is finished and Janice is binding it.  The Guild will pay her for that service this year.
  • In the area of refreshments, it was decided that we would have water and canned soft drinks available for a nominal fee.  It has been difficult to find a food vendor.
  •  Shirley reassured us that she and Colleen have planned for plenty of space available for vendors this year.  They realized last year that there was more room in the middle of the rooms than they realized and therefore we'd have plenty of room for all of the registered vendors this year.
  • It was agreed that for this year there would be no not-for-profit vendors selling for their cause.  (We have been approached at the last minute by at least two such organizations.)  We will revisit this topic more fully in the future.
  • Judy shared several pieces of information: she is sending out a mailing about the Fair in the next few days to 10 rug hooking groups in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky; tote bags may be available from the Daviess County Visitor Bureau to put the class kits in; she distributed the 2013 membership list; by request, she will have more Guild brochures printed before the Fair.
Jan Cabel brought a fantastic dish to share -- cream cheese covered with a mixture of rhubarb, strawberries and tomatoes, and tasty crackers.  Delish!  Thanks Jan!  

Also, following the meeting Janice gave a quick lesson in sculpting for those interested.  We packed a lot into one 4-hour session!

During and after the business meeting members worked on tearing, sewing (Barbara), and trimming and rolling wool for the rug braiding class.  Below is a laundry basket with some of the rolls of wool we prepared for the rug braiding class kits.  We're almost ready for the Fair and getting nervous and excited!  Y'all come! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Notes from the March meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met Saturday, March 9 at the Carnegie Public Library in Washington, Indiana with 14 members in attendance.  President Janice Spaulding opened the meeting with a welcome to two new members, Denice and Mary Jane.

Jana led the discussion regarding the upcoming fiber fair preparations.  Items discussed included:
  • Insurance.  Completion of plans for obtaining liability insurance.
  • Advertising.  Several forms of advertising were available for members to take home and distribute including flyers, post card ads, bookmark ads (wool strips were added to these as the meeting progressed), and the new issue of Country Register with our ad inside.
  • Classes.  Rug braiding class will be limited to 12 instead of 15 and members will bring coat weight wool if possible to the next meeting for tearing and rolling.  The beginning rug hooking class was discussed with a decision to buy part of the wool for the kits and donate part of it.  Judy Foster will bring the class sample to the next meeting.
  • Demonstrations.  It was decided that a member demonstration area will include at least needle felting, rug hooking and crochet.  Members are welcome to demonstrate their favorite form of fiber art.
  • Setup:  We'll have some help setting up this year.  It will begin the day before the event at 9 a.m.  We anticipate no problems.
  • Guild Brochure.  Judy brought a mock-up of a brochure and will tweak it a little bit before taking it to the printers.
  • Raffle Rug.  The raffle rug just needs the border, which Teresa Kinman will complete.  It will then be taken to Janice for binding.  The Evansville Mall Hookers will man the ticket sales table at the Fair.  Members took home packets of raffle tickets to sell along with the picture post card of the rug.
  • Rug Display.  Discussion centered on who would print the labels for the rug display.  The display units are being kept at Hooked On George.  The display will unfold naturally as the pieces are brought to the building.  No problems anticipated.
  • Food.  Jana reported that due to regulations, all food and drinks must be commercially prepared and wrapped.  More discussion regarding food/drinks will take place at the next meeting.
The Treasurer's report was given by Teresa Kinman and expenses were approved.  The Secretary, Judy Foster, also had some business to discuss; most members are now receiving their meeting minutes via email.  Also, a new membership list was passed around for corrections and additions.  An updated list will be distributed at the next meeting.

The business meeting was adjourned.  Some stayed to visit and others enjoyed a class taught by Sug McClain; they made a wool Christmas feather tree.  Very cute!

Below are some pictures taken at this meeting -- enjoy!

"Bed Rug Fantasy", in progress, by Mary Jane Todd.
"Coquat", in progress.  Mary Jane is hooking this one, too, and just has a little left in the border.  She hopes to find the wool she needs to finish it!
"Poinsettias", a Red Barn Rugs design, hooked by Teresa Kinman.
"Spring Beauties", a Tomorrow's Heirlooms design.  Hooked by Denice Lasher.
"Yule" by Jan Cabel.  (Jan got a kitten for Christmas!)
"Running Rooster" by Jan Cabel.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Notes from the February meeting ...

The Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met at the Carnegie Library in Washington on February 9.  Nineteen members and guests were present.  When President Janice called the meeting to order she suggested that the group should consider wearing name tags at meetings to assist in becoming better acquainted.  Great idea!

The business meeting was called to order and it was announced that Jan Cabel was ill and would therefore not be giving the presentation on color planning with a color wheel in rug hooking.  She will do so at a future meeting.

In old business Jana led the discussion on plans for the fiber fair:

  • Vendors -- There are 11 confirmed (paid) vendors.  Shirley has contacted those outstanding and is waiting for confirmation of same.
  • Insurance -- Marsha reported on two quotes for event liability insurance but has some additional questions which will be addressed before purchase.
  • Setup -- It was suggested that the Guild may be able to receive assistance with clean up and set up of the building.  Not-for-profit organizations may be eligible for assistance from the Community Corrections Program.
  • Advertising -- The flyers have been printed, received and will be delivered to the Visitors' Bureau.  The postcards are also finished and Chrystal agreed to do the mailings as she has in the past.  Information for the Country Register ad has been forwarded to that publication.  Plans call for the bookmark ad to be at the next meeting so wool strips can be tied to each.  [Members ... remember to bring some wool strips for this project at the March meeting!]  It was suggested that we have pictures of the raffle rug available for media use.
  • Classes -- By consensus, limits were set for the class size this year -- 15 for the rug braiding class and 12 for the beginning rug hooking.  A waiting list will be kept if necessary.  Teresa Kinman is receiving registrations for the two classes.
  • Food -- Jana will check with Subway on options.
  • Guild Marketplace Booth & Greeters -- Members volunteered to be in all of those important locations.
  • Raffle Rug -- The tickets will be located and available at the next meeting.  Remember, chances are 15 for $5.00 and one chance for $1.00.  The rug was taken home by Teresa who will complete the hooking and hand it off to Janice for binding.
In other business, Janice reminded those present that 2013 membership dues are now due ($15.00 annually).  A treasurer's report was given by Teresa Kinman.  A member's retreat at Santa Claus was discussed again, and Teresa and Shirley said they would coordinate this event. 

Following the meeting Janice led an informal discussion of color planning, using Betty's new fall rug as an example.  She also noted that lots of those present were hooking during the meeting (a good thing!) and is hoping for a lot of new rugs for the Guild's rug display at the Fiber Fair.  Everyone seemed to have a great day and reported that it was a wonderful meeting.


The lesson at the March meeting will be making a Wool Christmas Feather Tree.  Sug had a sample at the February meeting and it looks fantastic!  She will teach us how to make this tree in March.  Members, you will need to bring your own supplies and here is the list:

1/4 yd wool
18 gauge FABRIC covered floral wire
1 roll floral tape
1 wood dowel, 1/4" diameter, 12 inches long, one end sharpened in a pencil sharpener
craft fabric glue that dries clear
wire cutters
scissors, sharp
needle nose pliers
Sharpie marker

Written instructions for the tree were copied and distributed at the meeting; if you were not there or did not get a set, you may want to connect with a member who has a copy so that you can be ready to do this neat project in March!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Notes from the January meeting ...

On January 12 the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild met at the public library in Washington, Indiana.  There were 11 members present for this meeting. 

President Janice Spaulding opened the meeting which was highlighted by these items of business:

The Library meeting room  was secured for the next three months.

The treasurer reported that she has set up a different bookkeeping system  than previously used and she will be able to track receipts and expenditures for tax purposes.

Once again a retreat at Santa Claus, IN was discussed with Shirley advancing the idea and Janice volunteering to find an outside teacher if desired.

Jana led the discussion pertaining to the fiber fair which included:
  • Liability insurance -- Marsha will take the lead in securing event insurance for this year's Fair.
  • Food -- Due to concerns expressed by members, it was decided by consensus that food would be available only for vendors and Guild members, not the general public.
  • Advertising -- An ad in the Country Register was approved.  The bookmark ads should be available at the March meeting.  Printing of the post card ads that are mailed to prior attendees and the poster ads will be taken care of  by Marsha.
  • Raffle rug and rug challenge -- Updates tabled until the next meeting.
  • Vendors -- Shirley reported that there are 11 vendors registered.  Vendor deadlines for future Fairs were discussed.
  • Classes -- Beginning Rug Hooking (star mat, $40) and Rug Braiding (round candle mat, $45) will be taught this year.
Following the business meeting, Shirley did a presentation on rug backgrounds.  She showed numerous examples of hooked rugs and discussed the techniques used for the background hooking as well as discussing the selection and use of background colors.

Jan Cabel will do a presentation in February on the use of the color wheel for color planning in rug hooking.

Keep warm -- winter is definitely the time to cuddle up with your current rug hooking project!